Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#8 february frolics

February is just over a week away and my anticipation is growing as, for me, it is going to be one of the busiest months of the year. Not only am I continuing my internship at Spin Agency, but I am travelling to a couple of European cities and it is London Fashion Week AW12. 

From the beginning of February, I will be residing (well, only for four days) in Berlin, Germany. I've never visited the city before so I really am excited, looking at what events are happening whilst I'm there. Something I will be attending is the Joshua Light Show which I've heard will be amazing. Shopping is a must so I've been told, obviously I don't need to be told twice; concept stores, independent boutiques and gigantic charity shops! Also at the time I am there, there is a graphics and new media festival on which could be interesting - I'll have to check that out. If anyone has been to Berlin and has something to recommend, please let me know! 

Another city which I shall grace my presence with, for the third time in about a year, is Amsterdam - possibly my favourite European city so far. Words cannot even begin to describe my excitement for returning to the Netherlands. You will find me cycling around the city in search of some new flea markets and vintage shopping around the Jordaan. 

I love LFW, especially Autumn/Winter shows as they are my favourite seasons - so I am counting down the days till the 17th. As a fashion student, I am expected to beg, blag and sneak my way into a few shows unless I actually have a real invitation. Last season, I was lucky to see a few shows; Danielle Scutt, Nasir Mazhar and Todd Lynn, however this season if I only get to see one show, it would have to be Meadham Kirchhoff. After completing a research project on the boys, I know that they are extremely talented and unpredictable so it is inevitable that their show will be a spectacular, not to be missed and that all of the fashion industry will be queueing for a front row seat.

So that's my plan for February so far, amongst birthdays, Valentines Day and numerous university projects. It is going to be a chaotic month...


  1. but better chaotic than boring :)

    xoxo Daisy


  2. I'm so jealous! I wish I'm traveling with you..London and Berlin are my favorite places to go!

  3. i know! i hate being bored.

    ah really? come along! i love london but not sure about berlin yet...