Thursday, 9 February 2012

#10 angelique houtkamp

I am back! Berlin was so cold; I layered like no one has ever layered before. After leaving a snowy Germany, I was welcomed back home with a snowy England - which I was not impressed with. Watch this space for photos from the trip; I used a disposable camera so need to get them developed first.

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about tattoos since my last one, which seems like years ago. I always get little ones that are discrete and can be hidden easily. So far I have a peace sign, a cross, a french phrase and an anchor. However, I feel an obsession/addiction beginning and next up, I'd like a bigger one with more detail and more colour.

Everyone around me seems to be getting some amazing tattoos done and I want in on the action. I have finally decided on the style I want and thought I should share some of the incredible work she does.

Angelique Houtkamp is a contemporary tattoo artist from Amsterdam who creates a 'nostalgic, eclectic and beautifully rendered artistic wonderland'. Her work has an old school, retro feel, I just love them. Have a look at what she does, then you will (probably) fall in love with it too.

All I have to do now is see if I'm brave enough to get it done, especially as I want it on my ribs...

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