Friday, 2 March 2012

#15 style icon of the week

I don't know what my obsession is with fictional characters and their costume designers, but they are the people that influence me the most. In all of my favourite films, I have a favourite character and a favourite outfit of theirs. Maybe it's a sign of what I should be when I grow up.

Last time it was Cher Horowitz, now this week amongst all the hype and gossip surrounding the new SATC prequel 'The Carrie Diaries', I felt it was only right to remember the original Carrie. So say hello to this week's style icon, Carrie Bradshaw.

She is possibly one of the most incredible women ever; a perfect creation of a character by Candace Bushnell. But the woman who brought Carrie to life on the screen was Patricia Field and her amazing costume choices. Mixing designer with more designer, Field has been nominated for five Emmy awards for her work on Sex and the City. And here's why...


I'm going to stop with the images before this becomes a Carrie Bradshaw Appreciation Blog.