Saturday, 8 October 2011

#2 creators and innovators (2)

Last Friday saw Jonathan Hallam grace my class with his presence. Even before he began to speak, I could tell it would be an exciting lecture. He is a fashion photographer and his work is beautiful; I mean I hadn't really heard much about him prior to this talk but did some brief research so I could relate to what he was saying.

All of his work is shot on film which really enticed me as I love film. I would much rather use an SLR camera than a digital camera any day. He spoke about how he loves working with his hands and develops all his work himself; something which is fast becoming unheard of. As well as the fact that Hallam doesn't touch up or airbrush any of his images; he wants his models to be real and not distorted into how society thinks they should look. 

Jonathan Hallam, like Daryoush Haj-Najafi, didn't begin his career in the fashion photography industry. He started out as a hairdresser and things slowly began to progress and develop. He went on to do hair for fashion shows and got asked to style hair for fashion shoots; but it was here that he realised he wanted to be the photographer, the director of the whole process. 

The talk wasn't all about the work and life of Jonathan; he gave us a lot of useful and important advice. His morals are exactly what the fashion industry needs; models don't have to be size zero to be beautiful. He wants my generation to share this message as we are the people that can enforce these morals in the future. Hallam is such an enchanting and fascinating man with so much knowledge and creativity that I didn't want the talk to ever finish. 

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