Saturday, 8 October 2011

#2 creators and innovators (3)

It is a hard decision to make, but possibly my favourite talk to date. Grace Winteringham and Anna Murray of Patternity came in and gave a lecture to my class. Grace studied Textile Design and Anna studied Fashion Promotion; they both had their own separate careers in different industries but in 2009, came together to create Patternity. 

Patternity is a brand which joins the dots. 'Seeing Pattern Everywhere // Mundane to the Magnificent // Inspire Inform Implement Enjoy' is used to describe what the brand does. Basically, images of a similar genre or trend, for example stripes, are correlated to create stories and be used for inspiration for different prints by all sorts of brands. Their vision is to use the visual coincidences inherent in pattern as a catalyst; reconnecting humanity with our environment, fuelling joy. 

You may have heard of Patternity before; the business really went crazy and out of control when Susie Bubble wore a pair of the tights that were created to promote the business. Originally, they weren't really meant for mass sale as they are all hand printed and are very time consuming to produce. However, this isn't just what they are known for; Patternity have won a Wallpaper Design Award for their furniture (Grace's father is a collaborator), they were involved in Selfridge's 'Bright Young Things', they created A Tapestry of Dalston exhibition and list goes on.

This talk was absolutely an inspiration, as were the others, but I felt this one really applied to me and my interests. I am such a pattern freak and love Grace and Anna's views on pattern; just walk slightly slower, look up, down and all around and you will notice pattern everywhere - from the mundane to the magnificent. I love how they have created their business on the basis that they both have the same views on pattern. 

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